Cinnamon Infused Honey

Cinnamon Infused Honey

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This listing is for one, 6 oz. jar of Cinnamon infused honey.

We took real cinnamon and infused it into honey to add cinnamon flavors to our raw, unfiltered, and unprocessed honey from my own hives in Greensboro, North Carolina. The result is a sweet, cinnamon spread.

Spread it on toast or bread to have an instant "cinnamon roll." Works great in tea, on crackers, in your own cooking recipes, on bread, on ice cream, or by it self.

All raw, unfiltered honey will granulate in time. This will happen with all natural honey and doesn't mean the honey has "gone bad" (honey will never spoil unless it gets exposed to water). Simply heat the container in a hot pot of water to re-liquefy. We recommend not heating it over 100 degrees to prevent the loss of flavor, enzymes, and nutritional benefits. But heating it up to 150 degrees for a short period of time will re-liquefy granulated honey faster.

This honey has been processed by one person: me, the beekeeper. No packagers, producers, middlemen, or other people handling your honey. I prepare the bees, put the supers on, take the supers off, extract the honey from the comb, put it into the bottle and ship it to you. That simple! Just as it should be.