Bee Pollen - Raw and Natural - 6 oz.

Bee Pollen - Raw and Natural - 6 oz.

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This listing is for a 6 oz. (by weight) bottle of pure, raw bee pollen, in a glass hexagonal jar.

Our pollen is collected straight from the hives in our back yard daily. We harvest every day, and freeze it immediately, to preserve all of the protein, vitamins and minerals. We don't dry our pollen at all, and we don't let it sit at room temperature for days on end. This will result in a slightly moist bee pollen, which makes it easier to put in or spread on food (or to take a spoon full at a time).

Bee pollen will vary in its color, taste and consistency, depending on what the bees collect that day. Some bee pollen will be light green, others will be shades of grey or yellow, and some is even dark purple! The taste will vary from a very sweet, to a bitter taste, depending on the source of the pollen. Each jar is unique, and I can't guarantee one particular jar will be of any specific color, taste, or consistency.

We lightly sort the bee pollen, to remove unwanted items. But, our pollen is raw and unprocessed, so please take that into consideration, as stray materials may make it into the jar. Our pollen is wild collected, meaning it isn't from a particular source. It comes from what the bees think is the best material to gather. If the bees know best, I prefer to leave it that way.

Bee pollen can be taken as a protein source, a vitamin or mineral additive, or as a daily supplement. As I'm not a medical doctor (or pharmacist), please research for your own purposes the health benefits of taking pollen. As some may have allergic reactions to pollen, please consult medical advice if you are uncertain if you'll have a reaction to bee pollen.

While our pollen isn't labratory tested, most bee pollen contains Antioxidants (some research suggests may prevent aging), Proteins, Minerals, Carbohydrates, Enzymes, and Vitamins.

There are many claims to health benefits of taking pollen out there. Some are verified, while others are not. Again, please do your own research to make up your own mind. But, some alleged health benefits to taking pollen as a dietary supplement include:

Suppresses appetite to encourage weight loss.
Stimulates appetite to promote weight gain.
Serves as antibiotic.
Reduces chronic fatigue.
Speeds recovery from chronic illness.
Heightens and sustains energy levels.
Aids in reducing symptoms of menopause.
Improves sexual dysfunctions.
Heightens libido.
Supports immune system.
Expels harmful toxins from body.
Helps control asthma.
Desensitizer of pollen allergies.
Promotes longevity.
Clinically indicated as anti-inflammatory for prostate conditions.
De-flames skin conditions, such as eczema, diaper rash.
Inhibits cancer cells.
Protects against radiation.
Builds blood cells to control anemia.
Relieves joint pain.
Stops bleeding.
Resolves constipation and/or diarrhea.
Lowers cholesterol and triglycerides.
Heals ulcers.
Helps varicose veins.
Ends painful urination.
Improves night vision.
Increased memory retention.

*This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

Produced locally in the Piedmont region of North Carolina.

Smokey Creek Bee Farm has a wide variety of honey to suit your needs. We are a small family owned and operated bee farm. We are able to produce bee pollen, honey, and candles, based on availability and seasonality. Please check our store, and if there is something bee related you would like to see but don't currently, let us know. We're always happy to make yet another satisfied customer.